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SFTW: Newborn snuggles, flattering jeans and soft lips

August 23, 2015

baby legsHappy Sunday! Thomas is now nearly three weeks old and we are still very much in a new-baby bubble. I’m remembering what it feels like to be constantly breastfeeding a newborn, getting covered in milk all the time, and getting back into swaddles and white noise. Looking after a newborn second time around certainly feels easier, but I think a huge part of that is down to me – I’m much less anxious and spending a lot less time worrying about routines or creating ‘bad habits’, which means that I have more time to enjoy all the guilt-free snuggles I can get. The worries do still creep in, of course, but I’ve been taking a deep breath and reminding myself that babies be babies.

I’m also finding it easier to take time out for myself when I need it. Like Rose, I really do need some alone time every so often. This week I managed to actually sneak out of the house on my own for an hour or so and buy some jeans that (1) actually fit and (2) hide the muffin top. Rose is always raving about these Topshop jeans and while I was tempted, I bought these from New Look instead, as they were cheaper (and I’m hoping they’re a temporary solution!). Something I never would have imagined doing when George was born: I think I actually took him shopping in a sling, not really conducive to trying on clothes!

Also, you probably know by now that I love me some lipstick, and that’s especially the case at the moment. I find it helps me feel a bit more ‘done’ even when I’m still in maternity clothes. But I always seem to have flaky lips, so I’ve been using this lip scrub from Lush, which not only works wonders but tastes delicious, too. I give my lips a good rub every morning before I get in the shower and then slather on this lip balm.

Otherwise, we’re still taking each day as it comes – if it’s a good day and I somehow have the time and energy, then I’ll do a bit of cooking. We loved Nicky’s summery sausage pasta, and this coconut bread has been a lifesaver, too, for the times when I’m suddenly hit by uncontrollable hunger (the joys of breastfeeding!). On days when I can’t face getting up from the sofa, I’ve been working through the meals stashed in the freezer or eating food brought over by friends.

Time for more snuggles. Now, where did I put that baby?

How’s your Sunday going? What were/are your favourite breastfeeding snacks? (Apart from cake…)

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