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SFTW: a spring wardrobe overhaul, eight packets of bacon and a pottery pug

April 26, 2015

Something for the Weekend #30 |

Happy Sunday everyone! Rachel, Rose and I are spending ours together for once, cooking up some new ideas and a continued plan of action for Everyday30, with lots of scheduled cake and coffee breaks in between all that brainstorming. If you have any suggestions, advice or constructive comments about how we’re doing so far, please leave them below.

This week I’ve felt relatively in control of most aspects of my life for the first time in many months – I think that could be the definition of true happiness. I don’t know how or why this state of affairs has come about – perhaps my stars have briefly aligned – but I’m trying to enjoy it, knowing that it won’t last for very long…

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

1. The lovely weather made me reassess my wardrobe and utter those classic Spring words, ‘I have nothing to wear!’ Cue a rather spendy week involving a spontaneous trip to Debenhams, during which I bought what I think are some fab new clothes. The outfit in the picture above is 100% Miss Selfridge, a brand I have overlooked for the past 20 years because I completely associate it with tweens – the beauty of concession stores is that they make you more open-minded. I also treated myself to these shorts, this dress and these sandals – which are already shaping up to be a brilliant buy.

2. My neighbour must have felt the same urge to reinvigorate her wardrobe, but she came up with an altogether more thrifty way to do it. She invited her friends (me included) to bring our old clothes to her house, plied us with cocktails, and we proceeded to try everything on and find ‘matches’, which were made official by the ironic ringing of a bell. I came away with two fab pairs of nearly-new jeans, a collarless animal-print jacket (sounds horrible; looks brill), a bracelet and a maxi skirt – plus, I got rid of some of the things that I hadn’t the heart to throw away, but that I never wear any more. I know they’ve gone to a good home. 🙂

3. Oscar and I started swimming again – although now that he weighs a whopping 12kg (!), lifting him up during Zoom, zoom, zoom is proving a proper workout. I love my local baby swimming classes, and Oscar seems to enjoy them too, so it’s nice to have another regular activity we can enjoy together. The only reason I stopped over winter was because he was constantly ill with nursery-related ‘freshers’ flu’ – hopefully that won’t stop us this summer…

4. I managed to accidentally add eight packs of bacon to my online shop – seven more than planned. No, I can’t explain it. Our freezer is not enormous, and our capacity for bacon not limitless, but I managed to cram a few packets into the deep-freeze and am now stockpiling recipes that use lots of bacon. Carbonara and fry-ups have been cooked, and a bacon-and-courgette quiche is in the pipeline. Any other ideas?

5. I giggled a lot at this real-life interaction between a mischievous-yet-professional Groupon comments moderator and some cheeky customers. Did you see it?

6. I also chuckled at this listicle of things only French people (can we extend this to include French graduates?) understand. Having lived in the country twice, I knew the pain of number two and totally identified with the lukewarm ‘pas mal’ compliment.

7. I cried when I heard this story on the news. I can’t imagine what a bittersweet day the birth of these twins must have been for their inspiring parents.

8. Our team received an unusual package at work, which turned out to be a fairly large pottery pug. There is no rhyme or reason to this delivery, but I got excited thinking about how Oscar might react to it, so I’ve bagsied it in order to give it a loving – though perhaps temporary – home.

9. I added this classic Polpo recipe for pork and fennel meatballs to my list of easy but not quick recipes. It’s such a breeze and tastes so good that I’ve made it twice already in a week – plus, Oscar wolfed down the leftovers. Whaddaya think?

10. And finally, of course I couldn’t resist generating my own parody Wikipedia page when I saw friends do it on Facebook. Mine wasn’t that funny or interesting to be honest – much like my real Facebook page. What about yours?

What have you been up to this weekend? Has the sunny weather seen you hit the shops? And do you have any comments about Everyday30?

P.S. Our thoughts on blogging one, two, three and six months in.


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