About us



Hi, we’re Rachel, Rose and Nicky, and we’re excited to welcome you to Everyday30! We decided to launch this blog because, in all honesty, blogging looked like fun. But we noticed, too, that there was a gap in the market for a UK blog that tackled the everyday things normally discussed with friends – from TV programmes and make-up, to baby highs and lows or the best recipe for a great birthday cake.

We’re determined to keep our style down-to-earth and relevant to the everyday thirtysomething. There are enough aspirational blogs out there, written by supernaturally photogenic, effortlessly glamorous, ‘my-style-is-a-mixture-of-designer-and-high-street’ types. We LOVE reading those bloggers, don’t get us wrong. It’s just that we can’t always relate to their lifestyles.

Let’s hang out!  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Bloglovin’ or email us at [email protected]

Here’s a bit more about each of us:


Rachel is the foodie behind What Rachel Ate; you can also find her recipes on BBC FoodDesign Sponge and Brixton Blog. Rachel’s other loves include SEO, analytics and creating great digital content. When not working, cooking, or hanging in Ruskin Park with her toddler George, she can be found poring over Pinterest, and teaching herself everything from coding to cake decorating. Read Rachel’s posts here.


Rose is Rachel’s childhood friend from their shared home city of Manchester, where she lives and currently she works for a national membership organisation. Rose loves the internet, especially social media and personal blogs – for Everyday30, she has jumped at the chance to indulge her creative side. Rose enjoys intelligent news sources as much as celebrity gossip sites, but she has a particular penchant for anything related to Kim Kardashian. Other loves include TV, netball and board games. Read Rose’s posts here. 


Nicky met Rachel through work and they bonded by sharing after-hours rum and outré confessions; she and Rose met through Rachel. Nicky lives in Peckham with her husband, Juan, and their baby son, Oscar. Nicky works as a freelance food and travel writer. Her writing has been featured in publications including BBC Food, Square Meal, City Magazine and SmithandKids.com; she is also a dab-hand at sub-editing and copy-writing. When not working or child-rearing, Nicky enjoys cooking, eating out in restaurants, swimming, and no-holds-barred karaoke sessions. Read Nicky’s posts here.