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SFTW: ‘Go to your happy place’ (from now on, mine is The Pig)

May 17, 2015

SFTW #33: 'Go to your happy place' | Everyday30.comHappy weekend folks! I’m still re-living the loveliness of last Sunday, when Juan and I swanned off to The Pig in the New Forest for a night, leaving Oscar back in London with my parents. You might remember that a stay at this self-styled ‘kitchen-garden restaurant with rooms’ was high on my Christmas wish list, and Juan kindly obliged me with a gift voucher; the rest of the cost we offset against anniversary celebrations (we celebrated four years of marriage this week, although it’s actually our 10th year together).

Anyhoo, I can thoroughly recommend everything about this venue, but especially:

a) the bed – so big I actually lost Juan in the middle of the night, and so comfortable we might as well have been sinking into a vat of marshmallows
b) the massages – of course, I had to have a massage, and this one was just how I like them: so firm it almost made me gasp a couple of times, and thorough enough for me to notice the difference into the next day.
c) the food – almost everything at The Pig is grown or reared on the premises. Yeah yeah, yadda yadda. But seriously: the eggs taste incredible, the meat is delicious (the bacon sandwich at breakfast was the best we’ve ever tasted), and I could eat their slices of bread like Maltesers – albeit Maltesers slathered in bright-yellow butter and sprinkled with a good pinch of smoked salt… Oh, and the cocktails are exceptional too.

If you can go, do it. Once we’ve saved up again (and grandma and grandad have recovered) we will be back. Here are some pics:SFTW #33: 'Go to your happy place' | Everyday30.comAnd here’s what I’ve been up to since The Pig:

1. I discovered The New Yorker‘s cartoon page on Facebook and totally identified with the one showing a sommelier asking diners, ‘Is this the wine you selected at random?’

2. I started to feel like I might be stealing Rose‘s identity, week by week. First I started mainlining The Good Wife; next I began hot-cloth cleansing; then just the other week I bought a pair of jet-black Jamie jeans from Topshop (and she’s right – they do fit better than my trusty Leigh’s). What next? Am I going to join a netball team and take up contouring?

3. I found myself shouting ‘Yes! Yes! YES!’ at this series of brilliant sketches that perfectly sum up new motherhood – check them out.

4. I rejoiced that Episodes is back for another series – I just love it. Matt LeBlanc’s cameo turn is so completely brilliant – it must be so much fun playing out this fantasy version of the worst ‘you’ with no consequences.

5. Oscar has started playing peek-a-boo with us, covering his mouth with his hands so that he can still see me, and then taking them away and saying ‘BO!’ We all have to act surprised; frankly, it’s adorable (sorry, when did I become a gushing mummy? Oh yeah…) Anyway, I love seeing him try to communicate with us – it’s so much better than frustrated tantrums. To combat the latter, I am currently employing the tactic of distraction – and I heartily can recommend it. My main form of distraction is pointing out planes passing overhead – he loves them, and luckily there’s one within sight about every 30 seconds here in London… #flightpathyeah! (Here is some more great advice from good old Supernanny.)

Have you been to The Pig? Where would you choose to go for a bit of R&R? What have you been up to this week?

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    Reply Charlotte May 21, 2015 at 6:40 pm

    So envious of your trip to The Pig…it’s definitely one that’s firmly on the list!

    • Reply Nicky May 25, 2015 at 10:47 am

      Yes go go go – pre-honeymoon mini-break? (PS take me with you! x)

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