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5 time-saving beauty products under £10

June 25, 2015

It takes a lot of plucking, painting, smearing, straightening, softening, curling and contouring to be a woman these days. Not only does this take time, but money as well – both of which we already have in scant supply. So, here are five time-saving beauty products that help me maintain a reasonable level of personal grooming without extending my morning routine beyond the 20 minutes I realistically want to give over to it. They also all cost under a tenner, too.

time-saving beauty products

1. Dry shampoo

Specifically the COLAB one which is the first one I have ever used that doesn’t need a lot of working through and also deposits no stickiness or ickiness – I can still happily run my hands through my hair after using this. Save yourself an extra day or two of washing by spraying this into your roots and brushing it through instead. This product has proved especially useful since I have moved to washing my hair once a week, which has been the biggest morning time-saver of all for me.

2. Eyebrow mascara

This is not its actual name, but for the uninitiated it is a much better description of what it is than any other I can think of. It’s liquid eyebrow stuff you deposit on your brows with something that looks a lot like a tiny mascara wand. It adds some bulk as well as some colour and also performs the task of setting your brows in place – essential if yours are wild and wiry like mine. This is my favourite one but loads of brands offer them now and I also think they’re much easier to use than a pencil or powder – a few swipes and you’re done.

3. Body lotion in a spray can

Again, probably not its actual name, but you get the idea. I purchased this Vaseline one on a whim a few months back and was immediately on board. As something of a sporadic moisturiser of my body, I thought this product might make me more inclined to do it more often. I’m not sure if it does, but it sure takes me less time to apply when I do. Will definitely buy this again.

4. Cream eyeshadow

Yes, you can just, like, not wear eyeshadow, but where’s the fun in that? I don’t wear eyeshadow every day, but when I do want to wear it then this is the one I go for. A cream like this one from Maybelline has three main benefits: it’s super-quick to apply; you don’t need to blend it out with a brush (just dab it on with your middle finger and then blend the edges with your ring finger); and it lasts for aaaaaaaaages. I have this one in three shades – the creamy beige is a perfect daytime ‘just a little bit of definition’ colour, and the on-and-on bronze is all you need for an evening look. Also currently coveting these versions from Charlotte Tilbury.

5. All-purpose concealer

You don’t want to wear a whole faceful of foundation – or maybe you do, but you also want to up the coverage in a couple of areas (hello eye bags!). Step forward this all-purpose concealer. It’s a concealer that works equally well all over the face (as opposed to one specifically designed for eyes or blemishes) and that can be dotted over the desired areas in seconds and then swiftly blended with a soft brush in the same amount of time. I can’t decide if I prefer the Collection one or the 17 one so I recommend them both to you.

What do you think of my recommendations? Did I miss a really obvious one and you’re screaming it at the screen? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

P.S. How to: wear lipstick, wash your face and contour the non-scary way.

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    Reply Rachel June 25, 2015 at 9:21 am

    Cream eyeshadows are such a timesaver. Another fab one are L’Oreal’s infallible cream shadows!

    Rachel |

    • Reply Rose June 25, 2015 at 11:20 am

      Didn’t even though about those ones, thanks Rachel! Will be heading out to have a swatch of those at lunch! xo

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