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SFTW: Best friends a brunching

March 1, 2015

SFTW 22Enjoy your Sunday, I certainly intend to. The biggest event in my work calendar is next weekend and I should have been taking it easy this week so that I enter the next with full batteries. But when extra games of netball are offered, your two favourite women come to town and work just won’t quit, what you gonna do? This was the week in which:

1. I finally went to Five Guys when my sister popped to Manchester for the day. I can’t speak for the burgers (I’m a vegetarian) but it was almost worth it just for that crazy soft-drinks machine. Still Fanta Zero Orange? Yes please.

2. After getting access to Now TV a few weeks back now and already doing a full Scandal re-watch, I moved onto a show I had always had a sneaking suspicion I would dig but had never had the chance to try – Bones. It’s terrible and wonderful all at the same time so basically my ideal television show for last thing before bed. And yes, there are an awful lot of bones in it.

3. I gave in to some more Nike trainers when these beauties were reduced at John Lewis.

4. I almost completely agreed with Gary Nunn about small talk – ‘Small talk language is manipulative, mendacious, monosyllabic, misleading – and never alliterative’.

Everyday30//Something for the weekend #22
5. I had lunch with George (above). This boy’s talents include but are not limited to:  wearing dungarees exceptionally well; completing a jigsaw puzzle in about 15 seconds flat; and serenading you with a beautiful rendition of Do You Want to Build a Snowman?.

6. Yesterday we ditched the beautiful child and went out for some quality friend time. We had brunch at Takk (main picture), browsed our favourite shops (Boots, M&S, Bravissimo, The Body Shop) and drank so much coffee I was absolutely out of my mind on caffeine and telling long, boring stories which I mistakenly thought were vitally interesting and hilarious by the time we headed home mid-afternoon. Did we accidentally wear matching outfits? You betcha we did.

7. As someone who is always looking for cheaper versions of, well, everything, I thoroughly enjoyed this post from From Roses where Rebecca talks about the beauty areas where she saves money. I totally bought the Charles Worthington Texture and Bounce Spray. It turns out my hair doesn’t need much extra of either but it’s a very effective product and loads cheaper than the alternatives.

8. Rachel and I both loved the 12 blog posts ideas that will actually generate traffic.

9. After ‘mastering’ a bold lip courtesy of this product which I will not stop talking about, I experimented with a more natural look. I used the Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner in Eastend Snob and the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick in shade number 80 for a low-key pinky look that is perfect for daytime.

10. I went peanut-butter nuts and consumed both a full tub of this ice cream and one of these donuts.

How was your week? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Here on Everyday30, Nicky gave another masterclass in the art of networking, Rachel raved about a hair mask that everyone will love and I gave my 5 essential items for the casual dresser.

p.s. the best television show  recommendations, films that will make you cry and why you should wear bronzer even if you have pale skin.

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