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SFTW: On getting ‘beach ready’

March 29, 2015

Happy Sunday everyone! Thanks for all your kind comments on my post on Monday; it felt very strange to put something so personal out there, so it was nice to have such positive feedback 🙂 This weekend, we are mostly getting ready for a family trip to Florida next week. We’re travelling with Pete’s dad, his sister and her three kids and are planning do the whole Disneyland thing. I think I’m equal parts excited and terrified… I’m probably most worried about the flight. It’s one of those things that I know we’ll survive, because we have to; still, I can’t see how George and an eight-hour flight will mix that well. I am planning to bring ALL the snacks including sweets/chocolate to try and stave off any meltdowns, and am fully loading the tablet with Frozen and Thomas the Tank Engine. Yes, all rules are officially out of the window for this flight. Any other tips you have would be gratefully received!

Chasing George

Otherwise, I’m really looking forward to some sun and, hopefully, the chance to relax a bit. But this holiday does mean that I’ve had to try and get myself ‘beach ready’, so to speak. I really hate the articles that start to appear in magazines at this time of year, with their crazy diets that will supposedly help you to look your best in a bikini. The reality is that most other people on the beach are normal and therefore come in all shapes and sizes. For me, all self-consciousness disappears after a couple of days, when suddenly you find yourself sitting down to lunch in just a bikini.

I have a little guilty secret… I’ve been applying fake tan. I know it’s something I should have left behind in my 20s, but there’s something about a hint of a tan that makes me look and feel so much better. I’ll be using this one, but if you’ve got pale skin, I would recommend one of the body lotions with a little fake tan in them (you still need to wash your hands afterwards,though!). I’m hoping to avoid an orange glow; the plan is to just take the edge off my paleness, particularly on my legs, which haven’t seen the light of day for months.

My one enjoyable beauty task will be getting a pedicure (a proper one where they get rid of all the dry skin). It’s expensive, but definitely worth it; there’s something so polished about having nicely painted toenails and no one wants to see a crusty heel in a sandal. Also, after seeing it recommended several times on From Roses, I’ve been trying to apply this foot cream every day and it’s been doing a pretty good job of salvaging my neglected feet.

In internet land, I really enjoyed this blog post from Jenny Purr on blogging with focus and intention. We’re coming up to our six-month blogging birthday (!) and I think it’s a really good time for us to sit down, think about what our ultimate goals are for the blog and come up with some sort of strategy.

This article on how men tend to dominate conversations is a must read. You’ll be nodding your head in agreement and then you’ll feel slightly depressed about the huge implications it has.

Do your battle with your kids about bathtime? We used to bath George every night as part of his bedtime routine, but then he started resisting it, and even when he does agree to have one, it takes forever to get him out. So… we’ve been bathing him every couple of days instead. This made me feel a whole lot better about it (the comments are brilliant, too).

Here on the blog, I shared some exciting news, Nicky posted her recipe for healthy fish and chips, and Rose made the case for quality alone time.

Have a great Sunday!

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