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SFTW: The 30th Birthday Edition

December 7, 2014

Everyday30//SFTW#10Happy Sunday everyone! In case you missed it, it was my 30th birthday this week and I have been off work and gallivanting around London with some of my nearest and dearest for the duration. Even though by this point I’m  exhausted and feel as though I haven’t sat down for days, I am still sad to say goodbye to the week in which I…

1. Developed massive advent calendar envy after witnessing what my sister and her boyfriend will be living with throughout December (see above).

2. Discovered my own new favourite TV show courtesy of a good friend who made the trip over from NYC to help me celebrate my birthday. You can find yours here.

3. Went shopping for Christmas presents for my friends and family and went massively off-mission and purchased these.

4. Learnt a few things about concealer.

5. Remembered the existence of the many amazing cats of Instagram, including Mochi!

6. Laughed pretty hard at 12 Female Characters Who Keep Shaving Despite Constant Peril.

7. Enjoyed thinking about why you shouldn’t over-think things.

8. Scoffed a lot of these – thanks to Rachel and George, who baked them for me.

9. Spent a lot of time coveting various items in Liberty, but settled on just a couple of little hankies – I think they would make great Christmas presents for the print-lover in your life.

10. Attempted (and failed) to prevent a Pandemic in the newest addition to my board game collection. We were so busy struggling with the concept of a co-operative game in which you only win by working together that we completely ignored the fact that we could all lose. And we did.

What have you seen or done this week? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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