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SFTW: Bribery, a genius Christmas tree idea and inspirational gift guides

December 6, 2015

mini Christmas tree

Happy Sunday everyone! I’ve had a couple of really busy weeks (I feel like we always start these posts with something along these lines…) that have included actual evenings out and full weekends. It’s been fun, but I couldn’t wait to do nothing this weekend and just hang at home. Like Rose, I really need regular alone time.

Being busy also means I’ve been struggling to fit in my daily yoga. Actually, it’s not so much the fact that I’ve been busy, more that I’m too knackered/lazy to do it in the evening, which is the only free time I have at the moment. But I keep trying, and when I do have a bit of a time, I love the videos in this Yoga for weight loss series. Don’t worry: they’re not super-hard, just hard enough to feel like you’ve worked out while still being relaxing.

The one thing on my to-do list this weekend is to get a Christmas tree.

It may seem a bit early, but George is all about Christmas this year and it feels like we’ve been on a countdown to even being able to open the advent calendar. I’m not complaining though, all the clichés are true: it really is so exciting to experience Christmas through your children’s eyes. Hence, buying our tree this early. I wanted to buy a potted tree this year and leave it in the garden after Christmas for next year. We stole the idea from some friends of ours, but isn’t it brilliant? As you can see above, we only found a small one, but we’re hoping it will grow! (We purchased a big one as well.) Also, I’m loving being able to bribe George to get dressed in the morning with the prospect of opening his advent calendar – it makes life sooo much easier. Anyone else have a fight trying to get their toddler to put on clothes every. single. day?

Of course, the beginning of December also means Christmas shopping. If you need inspiration, here’s my gift guide from last year and Rose’s and Nicky’s too; Nicky also came up with some alternative ideas to perfume earlier this week, and I’ll be sharing my foolproof present idea in a few days’ time.

Speaking of Christmas shopping, I did a bit of Black Friday shopping and amidst the tonnes of returns I’ve had to post, I did nab this cosy jumper from La Redoute.

Is your Christmas tree up? How’s the Christmas shopping going?

P.S. The ultimate karaoke playlist, why board games are the new going out and the best movies to cry to.

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