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Spring denim styles

April 1, 2015

I love denim. Even during the years I didn’t wear jeans, I always had a soft spot for other items made from this versatile fabric. As Spring approaches/is here depending on if you view the changing seasons as scientific fact (the clocks have changed, therefore it’s Spring) or subjective judgement (“I still couldn’t countenance going out with a bare ankle”), I thought I’d run through the three non-trouser denim items that I’ll be wearing once it’s warm enough, using Pinspiration and some high-street options as examples. I’ve already praised the denim shirt in my post on casual style essentials otherwise this would be a four-point list 🙂

1. The Jacket

Everyday30//Spring Denim Style

This is my all-time favourite denim item. Mine is from Gap and I’ve had it for so long I actually cannot remember when I bought it. My current best guess is that I got it from the McArthurGlen outlet near Swindon when my Dad took my sister and I to visit family there when I was around 14, but I couldn’t say for sure. Like jeans and trench coats, denim jackets are everywhere, but the right one is hard to find. Mine is basically perfect – the wash, the buttons, the fit – so much so that my sister has tried to steal it on more than one occasion.

Denim jackets go with EVERYTHING. Seriously, I can’t think of a Spring/Summer outfit you couldn’t finish off with one – my favourite combinations, though, are over a printed cotton dress or buttoned up over a plain vest and jeans (any excuse for double denim). I personally always like to roll the sleeves slightly and undo the front pockets; this is also one of the few items I’ll pop the collar on. Having already found my perfect version, I’m not in need of a new one, but if I were then I’d be going for one from White Stuff, Topshop or  Forever 21.Everyday30//Spring Denim
Image sources – l,r

2. The Dress

The variety of denim dresses is massive – it ranges from dark, tailored ones you could legitimately wear to work to completely casual floaty numbers with pretty embroidery. I’ll be going for a shirt dress I think, and this one I’ve spied in New Look looks perfect.

Everyday30//Spring Denim
Image source

I also think tunic styles like the one above look so pretty and effortless, but with my shape they don’t really work. If you are lucky enough to be able to pull one off, I like this one from Jaeger.  However, I think the answer for me lies in the styles that are sort-of-tunics-but-also-waisted (as below). Oasis has got a great-looking one in stock now.

Everyday30//Spring DenimImage sources: l,r

I have given up on the idea of a dungaree dress – however adorable I think they look – because of, you know, AGE… But I quite fancy a pale, strappy number for when the temperature really heats up (read: when I leave the country) and a shirt dress will be too sweaty. This one from ASOS fits the bill nicely.

Everyday30//Spring DenimImage source

3. The Skirt

I bought a short, tight, dark denim dress for about 10 euros in a branch of H&M in Barcelona when I was 19. I was still wearing that thing when I was 27, mostly in Winter, with tights. I once even wore it to play cricket – don’t ask me why. Now that I have mostly abandoned short skirts and dresses in favour of super-tight jeans, I am drawn to these mid-length numbers with buttons all the way up. Miss Selfridge has just the ticket.

Everyday30//Spring DenimImage sources: l,r

I’d love, love, love to work a denim pencil skirt like this one, but my thighs just need a bit more room to breathe in the warm weather y’know?

Everyday30//Spring DenimImage source

There are so many different ways to style these denim pieces, but accessorising with bold lipstick always looks good in my opinion.

What do you think of my choices? Do you have a favourite denim item you bring out every year and can’t let go of? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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    Reply Hannah Mums' Days April 9, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    Yes please to it all!!! I love every single piece and you look proper gorgeous in that pic at the top 🙂 twit twoo!! I’ve got a Gap denim jacket that I live in the warmer months, I need to dig it out!

    thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

    • Reply Rose April 20, 2015 at 9:38 am

      Ah thanks! You win the award for the nicest comment I’ve ever received 🙂 xo

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