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Beauty favourites: Lush

November 19, 2014

Whenever I mention Lush to friends, the first thing they comment on is the smell of the shops (which I don’t mind, but some people seem to find overwhelming). Lots of people think that Lush is all bath bombs and soap – but it’s about so much more than that. In all honesty, I’m not really that excited about the brand’s commitment to its products being ‘natural’ – I just love that they smell great and get the job done. Also, their sales assistants always recommend just the right thing. I love so many of Lush’s products that it’s hard to choose my absolute favourites, but here’s my desert-island edit…

lush favourites

I’ve used most of Lush’s skincare products at one time or another and they’re all lovely. In the winter, my cheeks dry out but my skin gets sensitive too, so I can’t use really rich creams. Enter Skin Drink – it clears up my flaky cheeks straight away, but still feels light and is quickly absorbed. The cleansers are all excellent too – the Ocean Salt scrub is a gorgeous exfoliator, and I also love Ultrabland (a Lush cult classic), a gentle cleanser that’s brilliant at removing make-up. I’m currently using 9 To 5, a creamy cleanser that cleans my face really well but leaves it feeling so soft that I often don’t moisturise afterwards (don’t tell the beauty bloggers!). I’ve heard great things about the Tea Tree Water toner, too – just wipe it over your face after cleansing to help keep spots under control.

The great thing about Lush’s haircare products is that they make your hair smell amazing. To be honest, I’ve never really gotten on with their solid shampoos and conditioners, but all their bottled stuff is great. Big looks a bit strange as it’s full of sea salt flakes, but it feels almost like it exfoliates your hair for a really clean result. I use it when there’s lots of product build-up in my hair. Curly Wurly not only smells divine, but really packs a moisturising punch for dry and/or curly hair. Next on my to-try list? This heavyweight conditioner – which sounds ah-mazing.

Shower gels
Finally, I have to mention the shower gels. Lush do all kinds of shower jellies and soaps, but they don’t interest me – it’s the bottled shower gels that I love. They’re definitely a little bit pricey, but they smell so good that I think it’s worth it – I’m all about little luxuries that you can use every day. My favourites are It’s Raining Men (so much honey!) and Flying Fox, and my mum loves The Olive Branch.

Do you shop at Lush? Do you swear by any of its products?

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