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SFTW: The New York City Edition

May 24, 2015

On Monday I travelled to New York, a trip I might have mentioned a couple of times before on this blog… I am here for a friend’s wedding and spent the first few days in the City before moving upstate to her home town for the ceremony and associated revelling.

I think this may have been the most painless transatlantic flight I have ever experienced – generally, air travel is just a combination of queueing and sitting still, broken up by periods of hauling heavy luggage and (if you’re me) stressing about where I need to go next. So why was this flight so good? I think it came down to both a favourable jet stream, which made our flight time around an hour faster than scheduled, plus the pre-screening they operate at Dublin airport which means you are cleared for US immigration and customs before you arrive and can just walk through to baggage collection on arrival at JFK. Also, I decided to wait until as late as possible to actually board the plane, meaning I spent less time queueing (and standing) and less time waiting on the plane before take-off. I did think of Rachel’s tips for travelling with a toddler when I saw some families on board – if you’re planning to go on a plane journey with your little ones this year then check them out.

The New York City Edition

Packing!! Is anyone good at packing? I thought I had nailed packing for this trip, putting together a sort of capsule wardrobe for the 10 days. Admittedly I had to incorporate a number of smart outfits for wedding events, but even though I swapped full-size toiletries for minis and discarded a hairdryer and straighteners, I still ended up with one of those ‘HEAVY’ tags stuck on my suitcase (it was hard work getting that back to my friend’s apartment on the Subway…) I honestly thought I had packed super-duper light! Where am I going wrong? By the way, if you want to see what was in my casual capsule, then let me know (hint: it involves quite a few of these things…)

I should also mention the other thing that made my flight pretty comfortable: my clothes. I eschewed the vaguely smart, these-are-proper-clothes-I-would-wear-if-I-were-going-shopping look that I have favoured in the past and just went for some gym leggings, running trainers and a large and loose T-shirt and hoodie. My (p)leather jacket of dreams was thrown over the top to save heft in suitcase (see picture). I bring this outfit up because casual plane attire is something I have only recently embraced and won’t be turning back from – it’s something I wouldn’t have done in my 20s which was the subject of a list Nicky put together this week. Though I couldn’t empathise with all of them (running without weeing, for example) I was nodding along at the hangovers point – I can’t bear to be hungover anymore and can’t believe I used to give over whole days to the horrid things.

The New York City Edition

I loved Rachel’s recipe for homemade ice pops – a sweet treat that’s actually a pretty darn nutritious smoothie in frozen form. Yes please! I could eat these all summer long. I have seen her son BEG for one of these and so I know they get the kiddo seal of approval, too. Well, from George at any rate.

Rachel gave me The Poisonwood Bible after she read it on her recent holiday and I am throughly enjoying it so far. It’s one of those books that I immediately liked and spent a good portion of my long flight getting stuck into it.

Now, I am saving all of my NYC adventure stories (and there are plenty of them) for another post, but I did manage to step into three different Sephora’s within 24 hours of landing and purchased the Sephora Matte Lip Cream in 01 which is a perfect red – I’ve been reading rave reviews about it online for a while. If you’re not planning a trip to a country with Sephora any time soon, or just don’t want to spend time shopping while there, then I think these Bourjois ones are pretty much the same thing and they’re under a tenner. I’ve raved about them before and so has Rachel. We’re massive fans. Seriously: it doesn’t come off.

The New York City Edition

How was your week? Have you been to NYC before? If so, let me know if you have any recommendations for things to see, do or eat – I’ve still got a couple of days of hols left!


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