Homemade ice pops

May 19, 2015

Pete laughed at me when I bought this ice pop maker last summer – yet another piece of kitchen equipment to gather dust in a cupboard. In fact, George and I use it to make lollies together all the time. George loves lollies, he sees them as a real treat and they’re perfect for pudding because I can use them to bribe him to eat up all of his dinner…Now that my pregnancy sugar cravings are getting out of control, I’ve also been sneaking a few for myself as an afternoon treat.

To make the ice lollies, we usually blend up fruit, yoghurt, a bit of honey if it needs it and some milk to loosen the mixture, then pour it into the moulds and freeze. You can buy cheap packets of frozen fruit for smoothies in most supermarkets and banana is good for adding sweetness and creaminess (I peel and slice up overripe bananas, freeze them on a tray for an hour, then pop them into a freezer bag ready for the next time we make ice pops). Once the lollies have frozen, pour boiling water over the mould to release them, then stash them in the freezer in a freezer bag. As long as you return them to the freezer quickly, they shouldn’t stick together. That way your mould is freed up to make even more lollies!

Homemade ice pops

Now that the summer is round the corner, I’ve been thinking about some grown-up versions I can make too. While I love the creamy fruit and yoghurt pops, something refreshing like these vanilla and mint lemonade pops would be perfect on a hot day. Boozy pops are also a great idea and Buzzfeed nailed it with their list of ice pops that will get you drunk. I made these lime, basil and gin ice pops last summer and they were so good. Others on my list to try include iced coffee pops, coconut and mango pops and peanut butter and banana pops.

ice pop collage

Image sources, clockwise from top left: iced coffee pops, vanilla and mint lemonade pops, peanut butter and banana pops, coconut and mango pops and lime, basil and gin ice pops.

What do you think? Are you tempted to make your own ice lollies this summer?
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