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Rose’s Christmas wish list

December 17, 2014

My birthday is in early December and for whatever reason (selfishness probably being the front-runner), I don’t begin planning for Christmas until my own big day is out of the way. This means I always end up buying gifts for my family in somewhat of a rush (I don’t even do presents for friends) and am quite tardy in providing ideas for my own gifts to inspiration-stumped relatives.

My general rule for gifts (both giving and receiving) is to find something that the person in question would want and use but probably couldn’t justify purchasing for themselves in an average month. Either that, or something you know they’ll love but just haven’t discovered yet.

Now, I don’t expect to actually receive many (if any) of the things I’ve listed below, but if I were to write a letter to Father Christmas this year, and assuming I’m on the ‘good’ list,  then this is what I’d be asking for…

Rose's Christmas wishlist

I don’t know if my new addiction to beauty blogs is driving my desire to own some really good make-up brushes, or if I’ve wanted them all along and they’ve just legitimised it. This Bobbi Brown travel brush set is top of my wish list, because it includes pretty much every brush you need day-to-day. Its amazing case is the cherry on the sundae.

I’ve written before about wanting one of these Oh gosh, Cindy! phone cases, but I still haven’t bought one for myself, so I’m throwing it onto my wish-list and crossing my fingers. They’re all pretty perfect, but I think the Mindy Kaling one is probably the best.

You may have seen my shout-out to Parenthood in a recent post – and if so, my next item of lust won’t come as a surprise to you. I haven’t yet reached the end of season five and I would love nothing more than to spend the days I have off work between Christmas and New Year kicking back with this DVD, a bowl of bubble-and-squeak, and some Celebrations.

Now to me and my hair – perhaps the most important love-hate relationship in my life. Some days we’re great friends and some days we can’t even look at each other. Stopping washing it so frequently has eased the tension somewhat, but I’m still constantly on the look-out for the magic product that will turn us into firm friends. To that end, I have my eye on this Oribe Hair Plumping Mousse – if it does what it says on the tin, then the love story for our age might be about to begin…

In contrast, I have never fallen out of love with gold jewellery – I’ve been sporting it in some guise since I was a teenager. I’m almost always wearing a gold necklace, and both of my watches are gold, but I struggle with earrings. When I was younger I would just buy cheapo gold hoops, but I realised a few years ago that the reaction they provoke in my skin is not worth it, so now I’m craving a nice big pair of proper gold hoops like these ones. The look is J-Lo circa, well, just about any time really.

And just to ensure that the mind inside this bouncy-haired, gold-behooped head of mine is well nourished, I’ve chosen this e-book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, one of my favourite authors (and recent star of my ‘Woman Wall of Amazingness’). Adapted from a TEDx talk she gave (one that Beyoncé famously sampled), this is a book I’ve just got to read.

Finally, because it isn’t all about me I have donated to First Days children’s charity who will give a present to a child whose family is struggling with the cost of Christmas via their #sharemychristmas campaign and also bought a gift for a woman living in a refuge from Refuge’s Christmas gift list. 

What do you want for Christmas? Let us know in the comments section below!


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