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Probably the perfect nail polish

October 6, 2015

You can ignore my previous declarations that all I want to wear on my nails are almost-black shades and classic reds for I have found what is probably the perfect nail polish and it is neither.

Essie Fifth Avenue

Essie ‘Fifth Avenue’ is an orangey-red which I picked up a couple of weeks ago and haven’t had off my nails since. The coral undertones make it brighter than a regular classic red like my favourite one from Leighton Denny but it’s not so bright that it doesn’t feel appropriate for wearing to the office. It’s so delightful I can’t think of an occasion when I wouldn’t want to wear it. You can tell it’s classy because Essie NAMED IT FIFTH AVENUE.

The fact that it’s made by Essie means you get the lovely fat brush (which after much deliberation I have concluded is my favourite sort) making application a breeze and a formula with good opacity after a single coat, though I always recommend two if you want it to last. The polish itself has a beautiful gloss to it and finished with the best topcoat around it positively shines.

I am slightly worried that this is a very similar colour to what I like to wear on my lips if I’m feeling bold but not so worried that I’m going to stop wearing it.

I’d love to hear what your favourite nail polish is – let me know by leaving a comment below.

P.S. How to wear lipstick, other thoughts I’ve had about nail polish and really very easy ways to wear eyeshadow.

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