5 quick and easy (sort of) weekday dinner ideas

September 10, 2015

I know that ever since I wrote the post about how I manage to eat healthily at work people have been just dying to know what happens when I get home in the evening. Do I continue to try and make good choices or do I just start gorging on whatever’s in sight? Well, I’m going to outline a pretty standard week of evening meals (minus the frequent lapses into steamed puddings and peanut butter ice cream…).

These meals don’t follow any particular diet or specific approach to food – apart from the fact that I am a vegetarian and that my vague aim to put more good stuff into my body than crap. Other than that, the main thing they have in common is speed and simplicity: I am just not into fussing around in the kitchen when I get home of an evening. I know plenty of people for whom preparing a relatively elaborate meal from scratch is a relaxing way to pass the time after work – but I’m not one of them. Happily, with these recipes, the end results don’t taste too shabby at all.

1. Monday: Courgette dahl with cauliflower rice

Certainly the most trendy meal on the list – I love this for its flavour and the fact that it has loads of veggies in it (and hardly any calories). Adding a very large dollop of Greek yoghurt on the side makes it my hands-down favourite thing to eat in the evening. It also gets bonus points for being perfect for making in large batches and bringing to work for lunch the next day.  I use this recipe for the dahl but skip the egg. This recipe shows you how to make cauliflower rice but I like to fry mine with a drop of groundnut oil rather than microwave it.


2. Tuesday: Thai salad

This is packed full of flavour, incredibly satisfying to eat because of the texture and the only preparation required is chopping and measuring the dressing ingredients. I add marinated tofu from Cauldron to up the protein but you could add some fish or meat if that’s your thing. Plus, it’s another dish that works well for next day’s lunchbox. Rachel shared a great recipe here.

3. Wednesday: Stir fry

Not a revelation but certainly one of the quickest and tastiest dinners around, in my opinion. It’s made even quicker if you buy the pre-sliced packs of veggies from the supermarket (the Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference ones are my favourites). Add plenty of soy sauce.

4. Thursday: Pasta and meatballs

Quorn’s Meat-Free Swedish Style Balls were recently reformulated and are now one of my favourite things in the range. Ignore the cooking instructions on the packet and just microwave them for around five minutes, then add to your favourite pasta and sauce.

5. Quorn nuggets, chips and beans

A recent discovery that now has me completely hooked – this is definitely a dish to turn to when all you want is a takeaway. There is something so comforting about Quorn Southern Fried Bites, oven chips and beans – it’s perfect for a Friday night tea if you’re staying in.

What are you favourite quick and easy weekday meals? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

P.S. Store cupboard saviours: episodes one, two and three, and what to eat when all you really want is a takeaway.

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