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SFTW: rainy days, getting another year older, and the perfect chicken Kiev

November 30, 2014

Something for the Weekend 9 //

Welcome to Sunday everyone! I’m spending mine catching up with two old friends at this new Clapham restaurant, mmm…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, with lots of changes. I’ve now officially become a freelance journalist, having somewhat tentatively ditched my 9-5 editorial gig. It’s a U-turn in terms of lifestyle, and one I’m finding exciting, pleasingly flexible and hitherto not as scary as I’d anticipated. Fingers crossed I can make it work…

I also turned 33, and celebrated with cocktails and lunch at this lovely London restaurant (one of my faves). Thirty-three is much the same as 32 so far, in case you were wondering.

Last week, I was on holiday in Gran Canaria with Juan and Oscar, visiting the Spanish side of the family. Oscar had a ball – I think he rivals Prince George in terms of the attention and adulation he receives when on tour. Juan and I, however, managed to pick the rainiest, stormiest week of the year to visit an island famed for its 260+ days of annual sunshine – so there was lots of battling with umbrellas for Juan (see pic) and no tan for me (but it did mean I spared the natives from glimpsing my pasty body in a bikini…).

Anyway, here’s a video-clip from my hols (wish you were here… not), plus what I’ve been up to since I got back to (equally rain-swept) Blighty:

1. Frantically bailing water out of our flooded holiday apartment to stop it from setting sail. They’re about as prepared for rain out in Gran Canaria as we are for snow here in England, so you can imagine the pandemonium when this happened. (The rain in Spain and all that…)

2. Buying these colourful trainers to upgrade my grievously battered Converse, rather than trading them in for a younger model…

3. …then indulging in a bit of copycat purchasing after seeing my most stylish friend toting this rucksack from M&S. Need both hands free now that I’m commuting with both a heavy baby and a heavy laptop…

4. With the credit card nicely warmed up, starting to think about presents for Oscar’s first birthday – as well as stockpiling Christmas stocking-fillers. So far my favourite buy is this one – but I’m not telling you who it’s for.

5. Laughing at these high-brow reviews of classic story books

6. …and giggling at these celebs reading tweets from their trolls.

7. Getting excited about picking up my beautiful birthday present from the framing shop – Juan asked our artist friend Michelle Turton (@michelleturton) to draw an illustration of our house (well, flat) and I can’t wait to hang the result up in our lounge.

8. Trying to perfect my chicken Kiev cookery technique – retro, I know, but since becoming addicted to the signature dish of The Clock House in East Dulwich while on maternity leave, I’m now somewhat obsessed with (a) cooking my own, and (b) getting the melted butter to stay inside the bloomin’ chicken. Yesterday I invited Rachel over and tried out this recipe from Felicity Cloake, which proved my best effort yet.

Meanwhile, on the blog this week, I compiled a list of my favourite ever karaoke songs, Rose road-tested not washing her hair for a week, and Rachel shared some brilliant ideas for first-birthday presents that everyone will appreciate.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend – and share anything fun you’ve found online!

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    Reply Charlotte December 9, 2014 at 10:29 pm

    That rucksack looks familiar… And I’m angling after a chicken Kiev dinner invite next year!

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