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September 23, 2014

Everyday30 CollageHi there and welcome! We’re Nicky, Rose and Rachel and we’re really excited to share Everyday30 with you. We’re going to be posting three or four times a week and we hope you’ll like what you see and come back often.

We’ve called this blog Everyday30 because we’re all in our thirties (just) and wanted to share a little something of our lives. Expect posts with recipes, rants, random thoughts about life in general, plus interesting and gorgeous things we’ve spotted on the web. Expect a lot of stuff about navigating one’s thirties – which, by the way, we think beat the angsty twenties hands down. And expect a lot of parenting talk – Rachel and Nicky are both mums who love the gig 90 per cent of the time but who are prone to the odd ‘how did it come to this?!’ meltdown.

When not wading through general life admin and dirty nappies, we spend a lot of our free time cooking, eating out, exercising, seeing friends, and trying to make our wages stretch to the occasional halfway-glamorous shenanigan (can this even be a singular noun?). And, of course, browsing other people’s blogs for a bit of escapism. In fact, we decided to set up our own because we thought there was a lack of blogs out there that we could easily relate to.

We don’t purport to have all the answers. We don’t claim to have extraordinary things to say. We don’t want to make your lives look dull in comparison to ours – believe us when we say we’d take a good box-set over a Champagne reception any day of the week. We’re just three everyday women living our lives and bringing the best (and worst) bits to you.

So tell us what you think and share the bits you like – we hope you enjoy.

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    Reply Vicky September 28, 2014 at 7:58 pm

    Can’t wait to see more posts! Especially recipes and posts on babies. Not a mum yet myself but ridic broody!

    • Reply Rachel September 28, 2014 at 8:01 pm

      Thanks Vicky! Expect lots more babies and recipes. I was the same before I had George – I LOVED reading about parenting.

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