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SFTW: Back to school, YouTube rabbit holes and another wedding

September 6, 2015

It was back-to-school time this week, and though I neither went back to school myself or have any children, I don’t think the feeling ever quite leaves you. September always feels like much more of a ‘new year’ to me than January ever does. I didn’t get carried away doing all that life administration that I’m always putting off, mind… My friend Emma, on the other hand, did have a little one starting school and she wrote a really beautiful post about it.

I have been very work-focused once again this week, which has left little time for much else. When I was done with the day all I really did was head home, have my tea and go to bed. Without a television show on the go (my normal pre-sleep activity), I found myself falling down YouTube rabbit holes. The autoplay function means that one video just flows into another one and another, and before I knew it I had watched a solid three hours of the Sali Hughes ‘In The Bathroom’ series.

If you’ve never watched one, Sali pops round to a well-known woman’s house and they chat for a bit about their life before showing Sali their skincare and make-up stash. I have been aware of the existence of this series for a while but had never really sat down and watched one and – whoah, are they good! They combine my two favourite things – hearing women talk about their lives, values and views along with some substantial discussion of make-up and skincare products. ALl the episodes are pretty fantastic, but Mary Greenwell was probably my favourite – and you have to watch the Charlotte Tilbury one, if only to hear her discuss her ‘bedtime make-up’. Yes, you read that correctly.

It wasn’t just Sali Hughes’ channel I got lost in on YouTube; I also spent some time on US beauty channels including Nicole Gurriero, KathleenLights and MakeupByTiffanyD.


I played in a netball tournament yesterday, which was really fun, but because I got ready in a sleepy stupor, I totally forgot to put on any sunscreen and arrived home with a bright red face. I think the last time I got sunburnt was when I went to Barbados a fair few years ago – living in Manchester and being a naturally indoorsy person means I don’t typically get much sun exposure. To make it worse, I went to a wedding reception last night and making up a sunburnt face was not much fun. Speaking of which , I was going to re-wear the outfit I wore to my friend’s wedding back in May, but passing Warehouse after work one evening, I bought the dress in the picture on impulse.

Here on the blog, I totally agreed with Rachel that parenting blogs are not just for parents and I am a regular reader of most of the ones she listed here. And Nicky’s post about commuter etiquette on the Tube definitely rang some bells – though for the most part when I lived in London I relied on buses for my daily commute. I think buses are altogether more civilised than the Underground.

Now, as much as I have enjoyed my time with YouTube this week, I think I really need a new TV show to love and adore, so please leave me a recommendation below along with any tips for dealing with a sunburnt face.

How was your week? Do you still get that ‘back-to-school’ feeling in September? Let me know by leaving a comment below. 


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