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SFTW: The best cinnamon buns

February 15, 2015

Cinnamon buns

Happy Sunday everyone! Feast your eyes upon these gorgeous Swedish cinnamon buns from A little Opulent! I can’t recommend them enough, although be warned: they are moreish. I devoured at least half the batch in one day this weekend. Rather than make them from scratch on Saturday morning, I made the filling and the bread dough the night before. I didn’t warm the milk for the dough and I left it to prove slowly overnight in the coldest part of the kitchen. That way, in the morning, I just had to assemble the buns and bake them in the oven.

I made these treats because George has been asking me hopefully every morning, ‘My cousins come today?’, and today is the day they’re finally visiting. George’s cousins are aged three, five and seven, and he thinks they are the best thing ever. Thankfully, the feeling is mutual – although I’m not sure why, as I reckon a two-year-old is probably a bit of an annoying playmate, especially as he usually just demands to watch Thomas the Tank Engine on their iPad. Anyway, seeing as they all love hanging out together, we adults will get to relax while they wreak havoc in George’s room. I’m planning to make these burgers for dinner.

Here’s my round-up of things I spotted on the internet this week:

1. I loved these six stretches for people who sit at their desk all day. I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been using Workrave to remind me to take breaks to rest my eyes and get away from my desk. Every time I have a micro-break alert, I try to do one of these exercises.

2. I am terrible at keeping up with the news, especially now that I don’t commute in the morning, so I can’t even read Metro! I’ve subscribed to these emails from The Brief Daily – an email that fills me in on all the breaking news and current events I need to know about each day – and I’ve been enjoying reading them. They’re not too long; they give just enough detail for me to feel like I know what’s going on in the world.

3. If you’re thinking about switching jobs, this post is for you. It’s full of great tips and advice on how to figure out which job you want and how to go about getting it – and not just via the tried-and-tested routes. I love the quote, ‘Many successful people have had a career identity crisis at some point.’ I have to remind myself all the time that I’ll probably be working for at least another 30 years, so it’s OK if I’m still figuring out what I want to do.

4. Did you go to a single-sex school? Rose and I went to a mixed school, but nearly all of my friends went to single-sex schools. Would you send your child to a single-sex school? I don’t have strong opinions either way, although I probably fall on the side of mixed education, but I thought this article from Feminist Mum was really interesting. What do you think?

5. Finally, a couple of blog recommendations for you. Mums: you know when you meet another mum at a baby group who you can really talk to? That’s how I feel reading these two blogs – the women who write them just seem to be on my wavelength. I’ve been reading The (Mal)Contented Mother for a while and I always enjoy her funny, honest posts. I discovered The Consciously Incompetent Camel this week and lost a good hour reading loads of her posts. If you have a toddler, this post is for you.

Here on the blog, I shared some tips on the fun and games involved in potty training, Rose talked about what she’s learnt from reading too many beauty blogs and Nicky gave us some advice on how to keep the romance alive after you’ve had kids.

Have a great Sunday!

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