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SFTW: Say it with flowers

August 2, 2015

In case you were wondering: yes, I am still pregnant. Yes, I am overdue. And yes, I am cross about it. BUT, instead of writing a post about how sorry for myself I’m feeling, I thought I’d stick to non-pregnancy related things. You’re welcome.


My sister sent me the gorgeous bunch of flowers in the picture above to cheer me up in these last few weeks of pregnancy – such a great idea! I’m a big fan of sending flowers either to say ‘congratulations’ or (more importantly) ‘I’m thinking about you’. I love getting that knock on the door when someone delivers flowers – it’s always such a nice surprise. The only time I wouldn’t send flowers is when someone’s just had a baby. It sounds weird, but I find people get so many flowers anyway. My sister had received about five huge bouquets by the time she returned from hospital with my niece. I think it’s much better to do what she did and send flowers before the baby arrives – that’s when the mum-to-be is feeling the most fed up! We love Debenhams flower delivery and we’ve even got a special code to get 25% off your order: DFBLOG25.

Some other lovely friends also bought me a couple of (soon-to-be) new-baby gifts – including this MAC lipstick in Lady Danger, which I have been wearing at every opportunity. It was so thoughtful of them to buy something for me instead of for the baby – especially because an actual baby shower is probably my worst nightmare (after a wedding).

I’m also dreaming about making this maple whiskey sour once the baby arrives.

Pete and I have been baking sourdough bread on a nearly weekly basis for almost six years (that sounds bonkers now that I’ve written it down!) and while it was always tasty, we’d gotten pretty lazy with our technique. We decided to dig out our River Cottage Handbook, and incorporating just a few small changes from there have made a huge difference to the quality of our loaves. Whatever baking level you are, if you’re interested in making your own bread, you need this book. It walks you through every step of the process with lots of pictures and even has a trouble-shooting guide.

Did you see Nicky’s post about fake tan? I was really into fake tan when I was younger, and while I still think I look so much better with a bit of colour, I just can’t be bothered these days – plus I can’t deal with the orange sheets (does anyone else get that?). Like Nicky, I’ve been using a body moisturiser with a hint of fake tan, and I really rate the Garnier one. If I put it on every day it takes the edge of my pastiness, but with no streaks (although I find I do need to wash my hands afterwards, otherwise I get the tell-tale orange build-up between my fingers).

Finally, are you on Pinterest? Most of my friends are pretty ambivalent, but I flipping love it! I found it invaluable for design inspiration when we first moved into our flat and I still use it all the time for recipe and style tips. We’ve got a lovely new Everyday30 Pinterest account now, so come over and have a look if that’s your thing.
Visit Everyday30’s profile on Pinterest.

How was your week? Any ideas for things to do while I wait for this baby to arrive? And please do not even suggest eating pineapple…

P.S. A quick summer sausage pasta recipe, the most effective gym class and what to wear to a wedding.

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