A rum punch recipe for New Year’s Eve

December 29, 2014

A rum punch recipe for New Year's Eve |

I don’t really do New Year’s Eve – all that pressure to have the biggest and best night of the year in conditions that make that aim all but impossible invariably mean that the night turns sour, a depleted bank balance and an unnecessary hangover the only two things you have to remember it by. After all, everyone and his dog goes out on New Year’s Eve expecting some sort of end-of-year magic – plus, everything costs double what it did the day before.

However, I do do cocktails – as often as I can. And since Juan and I brought this rum punch recipe back from St Lucia (where we basically marinated ourselves for a week), it has consistently managed to get our weekends off to a flying start.

I’ll warn you now: it’s potent. It’s difficult to say no to a second glass, but more than two will guarantee a sizeable sore head the next day. Also, this is not a traditional rum punch recipe by any means – islanders told us that they use gallons of fruit juice and various spices in theirs, and that they steep the mixture for hours. However, I love the clean, sharp flavours of this particular tipple – it’s akin to a sour and so more suited to chilly weather. I also like how easy it is to prepare.

So, if you’re having party to see in the New Year, or just want something delicious with which to welcome in 2015, I can’t think of a better drink than this one. Cheers!

Caribbean rum punch recipe for New Year's Eve
Prep time
Total time
This clean, simple take on a classic Caribbean rum punch cocktail is dangerously moreish, whatever the weather. Just scale up the quantities for a party.
Recipe type: Cocktail
Cuisine: Caribbean
Serves: 4
  • 100ml sugar syrup (made by boiling equal parts of caster sugar and water for 3-4 minutes and setting aside to cool)
  • 200ml lime juice (about 6-7 large limes)
  • 300ml Caribbean rum (we use Chairman's Reserve)
  • 4 large scoops ice
  • 4 dashes Angostura bitters
  • grated nutmeg
  1. Pour the lime juice, sugar syrup and rum into a jug and stir.
  2. Half-fill four glasses with ice. Pour over the rum punch.
  3. Shake a few drops of Angostura bitters into each glass, then grate over a little nutmeg.
What are you doing for New Year’s Eve? And what’s your killer cocktail recipe?

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