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SFTW: George is two!

November 2, 2014

George blowing out candles

This little guy turned two on Wednesday, and I think I was more emotional this time around than on his first birthday. When he turned one, it just felt like such a triumph for us as parents to have survived the year. For me especially, the first six months of George’s life were so damn hard, and I don’t think we fully fell in love for a good few months. This time around, if it’s possible, we love him even more than on his first birthday.

Children’s personalities grow so much in the second year, and I think the biggest change is when they can finally start talking and communicating – George doesn’t stop talking these days and is such good company now. Of course, there are tough days and tantrums (that boy can scream) but on balance, it really does continue to get better. Below are pictures of him on his first and second birthdays – such a change!
George Collage

Here are a few other things that have been on my mind this week:

1. I thought this post from Jen about the future of blogging was really interesting – are blogs getting too glossy?

2. How to have an insanely productive morning.

3. For all the bloggers out there – here’s an incredibly useful post on how to do outfit photos without looking awkward.

4. Learn how to step away from your phone/laptop/tablet a bit more. I use my phone far too much, so I’ve banned them from our bedroom so that I’m not checking mine right before bed and as soon as I wake up in the morning.

5. My skin has been breakout-central this week so I picked up this bargainous mask with my weekly online shop and have been wearing this under my make-up to make my skin look a bit better.

6. I’ve never made summer rolls before, but I tried this recipe for lemongrass and coconut summer rolls from Sprouted Kitchen this week and they were not only really easy to make, but healthy and totally delicious, too.

On the blog, Nicky talked about some brilliant buys she almost walked away from, Rose gave tips for the easiest Halloween party ever, and I reflected on what we’ve learned so far about blogging.

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