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SFTW: Kimye, a collarless coat and some great career lessons

October 5, 2014


Enjoy your Sunday, everyone. I’m relaxing and recovering this morning after having a great time out in Manchester with an old friend last night. I’ll be playing mixed netball later on, so the rest of the day is all about taking it easy, hydrating myself, probably eating a kilogram of pasta and looking at stuff on the Internet (you can tell I’m the one without a small child, right?). Here’s a combo of stuff I’ve been looking at, buying and being outraged by this week…

1. Kimye obsession feeding fodder and also being really into North West’s Paris Fashion Week ensembles – favourites were the leather leggings, Yeezus T-shirt and black Timberlands.

2.  If you ever feel guilty about wanting a sweet treat, read this, then make and eat these. Also check out this powerful post from my friend Emma about how she has finally stopped hating her body.

3.  These are from a couple of weeks ago now, but there are some career lessons you’ll want to read over at Cup of Jo. Since I’m on a bit of a career kick this week, I’m also trying to adapt and implement the six things organised people do.

4. Purchased this to see me through until the really cold weather sets in. If it doesn’t have a collar, I basically want it.

5. Having had my phone for almost a year, it feels like the right time to invest in a case – and one of these is top of my list.

6. Everything about this woman’s letter about her daughter sounding ‘uneducated’ annoyed, like, the hell out of me.

7. I feel like the last person left who hasn’t read this, but I have ordered my copy.

8. After months of wearing my old Asics running trainers with just about everything, I finally bought these.

9. This inspired me to buy and try out nude eyeliner on my water line. I’ve done this for a couple of days now and I think it does make a subtle but noticeable difference to how red and tired my eyes look.

10. Oh boy, do I want cacti now! And white walls. And a tidy living room. And to be able to craft my own homewares.

And here at Everyday30, I banged on about all the great things I’ve learned from my fave on-screen besties: Rachel inspired me to take a bath with my baby when the time comes and Nicky provided an excellent recipe for making great tasting food using the existing contents of your cupboard.

What caught your eye this week? Did you read or see something that really made you think or laugh? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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