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SFTW – the third instalment: extroverts vs introverts and Grazia shame

October 19, 2014

Something for the weekend #3 | Everyday30

Happy Sunday everyone! I’ll be spending mine at the christening of one of the babies from my NCT group. It turns out that christenings are one of those rites of passage that happen to lots of your friends at the same time, so you suddenly have a flurry of fully booked weekends (see also hen dos, weddings, new babies and 30th birthday parties).

Anyway, this week was a big one in our household, as Oscar started nursery. Suffice to say it was an exhausting and emotional experience for us both. However, while he was there, I did manage to sit in a café for one whole hour enjoying a coffee and a pastry and catching up on some work without any interruption – for that luxury alone, childcare is worth the money.

Here’s a round-up of what else I’ve been up to or into this week:

1. Juan and I finished series one of The Killing. I know, I know – call us anything but early adopters. Following a white-knuckle televisual ride that I absolutely loved, I can’t seem to shake the creeped-out feeling the series left me with. It’s my turn to choose what we watch next – and I’m opting for something light. It’s a no-brainer really (but Juan is not going to be happy about it…) Not long to go now!

2. Speaking of which… I picked up an old copy of Grazia at the hairdressers and snorted at their earnest description of Lena Dunham’s ‘recent nightmare’ when friends and family accused her of gaining ‘face weight’. Haircut was a success, thanks for asking. But my hairdresser is starting to see through my airy claims about never usually reading Grazia. Full disclosure: I do read Grazia. But I also listen to Radio 4 (I call this nonsense-offsetting).

3. I finally ‘got’ my husband and realised why he shudders at the prospect of what I (a total extrovert) would call a fun evening out… Then I made him read this (I especially identified with point number six).

4. I remembered just how cool and normal Barack Obama seems.

5. I took the new winter coat out for a spin and discovered that it is a #manrepeller. Ergo, I love it.

6. I laughed hard at this and this.

7. I tried but failed to get this jingle out of my head – it’s the first trailer in Oscar’s Pepa Pig boxset (Spanish version) and the only part of the DVD that he pays attention to. Juan and I have been turning to each other and singing ‘Es…’ for about four days straight now.

8. I got over-excited, as always, to see my name in print somewhere new (a journalistic addiction). Here’s a piece I wrote for when Juan, a five-month-old Oscar and I travelled to St Lucia and returned in one piece (well, three pieces).

As for what happened here on Everyday30, Rachel rejoiced that jogging bottoms are trending as daywear,  Rose opened up her make-up bag and showed us her bronzer, and I made a super-fast, super-tasty soup from bits and bobs in my cupboards – catch up with our latest posts here! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

What are you up to this weekend?

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