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SFTW: little changes for 2016

January 17, 2016

January sucks a bit doesn’t it? Spending Christmas with a three-year-old made it feel extra special this year and I think George and I were both gutted to take down the Christmas tree. As he said to me last week, ‘It’s sad when Christmas is over’. Yes, pal. Although, to be honest, he’s mostly sad about not getting chocolate for breakfast any more…

Still, I’ve definitely caught some of that New Year Fever that Rose was talking about, and in-between doing Yoga Camp and planning holidays for the year ahead (the best way I’ve found to alleviate January blues), I’ve been making a few small changes for the coming year.

We all went a bit crazy with eating over Christmas in our household, and even though it makes me a total New Year cliché, I’ve decided to give up refined sugar for a couple of weeks. My cake/mince pie/ice cream consumption had gotten ridiculous, so I’m hoping a few weeks without refined sugar (fruit is still ok!) will help curb the addiction. For me, the times I’m most like to stuff my face are when I get over-hungry, so I’m trying to be more organised and have healthy snacks to hand. I’m also a classic emotional eater, so if I’ve had a bad day then I can totally justify all the ice cream. I’m not sure how to change that habit – pretty sure replacing it with wine is not the best idea…

I loved this post from A Beautiful Mess about printing photos. The idea is that you print your favourite five photos each month and then at the end of the year you’ve got 60 photos that you can put in an album or make into a photobook. I’ve made photobooks before and they are a true labour of love – I like the idea of just choosing a few photos each month so that the work is spread out over the year.

In other news, even though I technically started it last year, I’m still feeling very excited about my capsule wardrobe. So far, I’m finding it really easy to get dressed in the morning and I’m not feeling bored with my clothes at all. But… I have been thinking about what I might add/change about it once my self-imposed three-month shopping hiatus is over. So when the Boden catalogue arrived in the post a few days ago, I had a good look (anyone else still love a paper catalogue?). Here’s what I ‘saved’ in my online basket (clockwise from left): I’m constantly on the lookout for the perfect white T-shirt and I want both this long sleeve and boxy tee in white. This blouse is perfect for when I want to look a little smarter and I love the colour-blocking on this jumper.

Boden picks

Finally, I know The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying is very 2015, but I recently re-folded the boys’ clothes using her folding method and I love it! I’m sure most of you think I’m a total loser, but for all the other neat-freaks out there, this is for you. Don’t you think it looks so pleasing? Also, it creates tonnes more room in the drawers and it’s really easy to see exactly what’s in there. I’ve had these Ikea drawer dividers for a while and they’re brilliant – even if you just chuck everything into it’s designated box, you still end up with lots more room.

folded clothes using the Kon Mari method

Are you making any changes for 2016?

P.S. More things to try this year: a coffee subscription, brunching more often and drinking posh cocktails.

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