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SFTW: Spring and the perfect perfume

April 12, 2015

Something for the weekend #28

Well, Spring certainly sprang, didn’t it? What a wonderful week of weather we have had. The people of Manchester fully embraced it with sandals, bare legs and coatlessness. I personally kept my trench coat on throughout, but indulged in plenty of sunglasses wearing. The longer days have definitely given me a burst of energy that saw me attacking and completing tasks (even dreaded Life Administration) with a verve I didn’t quite recognise as my own. This was especially surprising given that it came off the back of a four-day weekend that had not left me feeling eager to get back into the office. Apart from that, here are some bits and pieces that I did, saw or felt this week:

1. I definitely missed Rachel, who is on holiday with her family in Florida (see George and his cousins doing their best ‘N Sync impressions below).

Something for the weekend #28

2. The AV Club listed the best sitcom episodes of the last 25 years across two posts. I am not the biggest comedy lover going, so I hadn’t seen all of these by any means, but I am a fan of the ‘Fizbo’ episode of Modern Family, and of Arrested Development’s ‘Pier Pressure’ which came in at numbers 25 and 5 respectively. However, I do not agree that the Friends episode they’ve chosen is the best of them all. Did you see the list? What did you think? If you haven’t seen it, you can read part 1 here and part 2 here.

3. I was determined to buy some new perfume this week, as I had run out. I’m not an enormous perfume fan and can happily go without most days, but this week was different: I needed some and I was going to get some. I decided to take the easy route and re-purchase some Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise, which had just expired. I trotted along to the concession in Selfridge’s to do so, only to be confronted by (a) the most delightful smell I have ever smelt and (b) an absolutely charming sales assistant who not only did an able job of convincing me to buy the larger bottle but also that it was somehow a BETTER option for travelling than the smaller one. That’s how good she was. Wood Sage & Sea Salt is the smell; I urge you to sniff it at your earliest opportunity.

4. This video on budget alternatives to high-end beauty products from the YouTube channel  I Covet Thee was right up my street. I’ve spoken before about ‘downgrading’ my make-up and about my mild addiction to beauty blogs/vlogs, so this ticked a lot of my boxes. Some of my recent favourite products were featured, including the Maybelline Color Drama lipsticks which Rachel bigged up recently, and the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation which I have already raved about and am currently falling in love with all over again. It’s been on my face pretty much every day for the last two weeks. There are also loads of solid-sounding recommendations for other items I haven’t tried yet so plenty to add to the shopping list.

5. I am going to a dear friend’s wedding next month (!!) in New York and so I have been in full-on planning mode. I was browsing online for some outfit inspiration when I started noticing these full-skirt-and-top ensembles as alternatives to dresses and became fixated on imitating a look like the one below on the big day. I’ve even created a Pinterest board to compile the looks I’m liking. I’m pretty new to Pinterest and if you want to follow one of us, I’d love it if you chose me but in all honesty Rachel is a much better option. And if you’ve seen any skirts you think would work then please let me know!

Something for the weekend #28

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6. And, in case you’ve missed it, the General Election is almost here and if you’re not registered to vote you won’t get to have your say. Don’t worry if you’re not – you have until 20 April to do so online here. Speaking of which, you have no idea how much I am enjoying Ed Miliband achieving red hot sex symbol status.

Here at home, I rounded up my go-to gurus for online skincare advice and inspiration, Rachel remembered some of the more unpleasant things that happen to your body when you’re pregnant and Nicky shared her faff-free burrito recipe for days when you want a bit of stodge topped with tonnes of avocado (that’s every day, isn’t it?).

How was your week? TELL ME EVERYTHING by leaving a comment below. 

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