The job titles we acquire but don’t get paid for

January 27, 2016

Like sharing finances, dividing household chores fairly as a couple is tricky territory, both emotionally and practically. Although Juan and I aim, in theory, to share the load fifty-fifty, I often wonder what percentage of household responsibilities I actually shoulder compared with Juan. Like many couples, we both believe we do more than the other without enough recognition – in our case, especially when it comes to washing up. The fact that I work part time and he full time complicates matters further.

The job titles we earn but don't get paid for |

This is not an opportunity for me to have a dig at my husband – he really is very feminist and well-intentioned in this regard. However, I am as guilty as the next woman of not being able to shake off the mindset that my partner is ‘helping’ me with the housework, as if it were officially my lot. Much like childcare, housework is one of those things that men have only relatively recently come on board with, meaning they are still praised for being ‘so good/helpful around the house’ in a way that women never are.

Also, in my experience, the incidentals of life admin are often relegated to women. There are so many little things that I do to add value to our shared daily life for which the responsibility is mine alone. If I died, I think the execution of those tasks would, in all likelihood, stop altogether. It would be nothing earth-shattering – life would go on – but the fact that I undertake (or, Juan would argue, create) these tasks without complaint just makes me pause for thought.

So here are the made-up job titles I’ve assigned to myself for the little things I do in addition to my 50% share of household duties – the activities that are completely off my husband’s radar:

The job titles we earn but don't get paid for |

  • Sock Regroupment Manager
  • Clothes Washing Technician (with independent jurisdiction in Drying Services)
  • Neighbourly Relations Team Leader
  • Chief Writer of Thank You Cards and Miscellaneous Correspondence
  • Photographic Memories Archivist
  • Call Reminder Service
  • Recycling Enforcement Officer
  • Personal Admin Assistant to the Family
  • Head Weeder (with shared responsibility for Front Porch Clearance)
  • Mistress of Household Replenishment
  • Social Relations Executive
  • Sheriff of the Sharp Knives
  • Nursery Liaison Officer (and Head of Child Taxi Services)
  • Fridge Clearance and Purification Troubleshooter
  • Sheet Renewal Engineer
  • Toilet Roll Replenishment Operative
  • Cleaning Co-ordinator
  • HR Manager for Plumbing, Electrical and Automobile Services
  • Oh, and Chief Executive of Biscuit Consumption

I demand a raise.

To be fair to him, Juan has sole custody of his own set of roles – all tasks that I prefer to delegate. Here’s a sample – although I’m sure he could add more of his own:

  • Chief Shoe Shiner
  • VP Holiday Research and Booking
  • Noise Police Officer
  • Fire Lighting Facilitator
  • Head of Technical Assistance (specialising in Televisual and Internet Services and Electrical Appliances)
  • Lead Facilitator of Medium to Large-Scale Building Projects
  • Savings and Futures Manager

Obviously, some of the tasks in our respective lists are tiny and require little effort – I guess it’s less a numbers game than a case of playing to our strengths, or taking responsibility for the jobs we most enjoy (or least dislike). Anyway, I’d love to hear about the household chores that you – and only you – ever do, and the tasks you insist on delegating to your other half.

The job titles we earn but don't get paid for |

Which jobs cause the most friction in your relationship? And what silly job titles would be in your list?

P.S. Rose gets down to some heavy-duty life admin, I blitz a to-do list, and we broach the thorny subject of sharing money.

Image sources: loo roll, sink, washing.

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    Reply Rebecca January 27, 2016 at 8:30 am

    We once wrote down a list of all the house tasks we did for two weeks, each convinced we did more than the other. My side was 80%! Now with a 5 month old baby, things have evened out a bit more. My partner does all the gross things–emptying rubbish, drain maintenance, vermin removal (shudder) and I do most everything else. The best thing we ever did was get a cleaner, stopped the weekly arguments overnight and I have no qualms about it!

    • Reply Nicky February 4, 2016 at 9:55 pm

      Yes, I agree – our cleaner and our SatNav are the two ‘investments’ that have saved us from the most arguments. I’m convinced I do more, but I am trying to notice the little things that Juan does under the radar and say thank you for them. The good news is that since reading my post he is determined to help out more – yessss! 😀

    Reply sarahjforde January 27, 2016 at 11:06 am

    I love this, it had me laughing out loud! I often wonder how I let myself get into this position. I am chief Internet Food Shopper – even when hubby has taken on this role we have had to re-order half way through the week – as no bread, milk or bananas ordered but we did have an abundance of wine and avocados!
    I never change a light bulb. I actually wait for hubby to return from work and would rather use my phone torch than fiddle with anything that has current running through/near it! I have also delegated bird food replenisher to hubby. I love watching the birds feast in our garden – but won’t ever touch their food or their dirty dishes!

    • Reply Nicky February 4, 2016 at 9:53 pm

      Ha ha, these are great! I am also the internet food shopper. Juan once got halfway through his first order and then asked me to finish it, but he hadn’t used our account, so I had no favourites to use as prompts – I was not pleased. I’m fine doing any sort of DIY – I don’t think it’s a popular phenomenon in Spain – so in that sense we are quite an atypical household. I also insist on driving way more than Juan does. Control freak, much??! x

    Reply Sabrina January 27, 2016 at 11:07 am

    I need to play this game with Simon. Although I think in our case his list of titles might be longer than mine! I take credit for being the Keeper of the Social Diary, Other People’s Birthdays (and Other People’s Children’s Birthdays) Reminder Service with additional responsibilities Gift Purchasing. I send out weekly “Have you called your mother?” text alerts. And am the Chief Paediatric Neurotic, ensuring minor ailments are stressed about sufficiently. Family Nutritionist and Balanced Diet Enforcer. Head Buyer of Household Underwear and Socks (and Adjudicator in disputes over when such undergarments have so many holes that they absolutely MUST be chucked out).

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