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SFTW: The not-so-terrible twos

June 21, 2015

Pete went away a couple of weekends ago, which left me and George to hang out on our own for the weekend. I’m not going to lie, I was kind of terrified, a whole weekend? I felt exhausted just thinking about it. In fact, it was actually really fun, helped by good weather and meeting up with friends so we didn’t go totally stir-crazy. It got me thinking, two is such a good age isn’t it? He’s just great company and I love that we get to have actual conversations. He said to me at the weekend, ‘is that your green dress?’ and I said, ‘yes, do you like it?’ to which he replied ‘I love it!!’ (insert heart-eyed emoji)


Of course, the past few days have been rather testing with some veeery early mornings and lots of whining – you know the sort of melodramatic crying that goes on for ages. It’s usually set off my something innocuous, like the wrong purple bowl, and by the end of it even he’s forgotten why he’s crying. All you really want to do it shout SHUT UP!

On balance, I still think toddlers are where it’s at. Something I never thought would happen. Before I had George I was all about cuddling babies (which I still am), but this stage is so much easier. What’s been your favourite stage?

In other news, something has come over me (nesting?) and I’ve been baking up a storm in the kitchen. It makes me laugh that so many of my recipes on this blog are ‘healthy’. Sure, I like to eat healthily where possible, but I really love me some dessert. Since having George (nearly 3 years ago!), there’s been much less of the crazy baking that I used to do (like my macaroon phase) so it’s been nice to get into it again.

I’ve made these doughnuts, this steamed pudding, these cookies, this crumble, this banana bread (with extra chopped hazelnuts) and this ice cream – all heartily recommended, especially the ice cream, crumble and  banana bread.


Finally, in case you missed it on Facebook and Twitter, my house tour is up on Design Mom! Check it out if you fancy a nosy around my flat and want to know just how much effort went into doing it up (a lot!).

P.S. The best: hair mask ever, brunch recipes and class to try at the gym

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    Reply Sabrina June 21, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    Completely agree! I am loving toddlerhood. Exhausting but so much more fun that the baby days… I never expected that. Being able to communicate and (sort of) understand the reasons behind even their most irrational of tantrums (sorry son, I simply won’t let you throw your toothbrush in the toilet bowl again now that I’ve got you a new one) beats the worry and stress of not knowing whether your newborn is crying from hunger/pain/mystery colic/wet nappy/cold/heat/overstimulation/boredom/insert stressful ailment here. If it weren’t for the impossibility of labour, I now know I’d have quite happily given birth to a 1 year old and started from there 😉

    ps. lovely flat tour and so happy to see my picture of your house on your wall! Good luck with no.2

    • Reply Rachel June 21, 2015 at 9:27 pm

      Thanks Sabrina! I am looking forward to snuggling baby no. 2, but I’m really looking forward to having two toddlers who can play together:)

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