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SFTW: What to do on your 31st birthday

October 25, 2015

happy birthday mummyIt was my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Unlike my 30th celebrations last year, this year was pretty low-key. Turning 31 is a bit of an anti-climax, isn’t it? Especially when you’ve got a small baby. Still, much like my 30th birthday present recommendations, I think birthday presents for any age should always be a little bit luxurious or something you wouldn’t normally buy or do for yourself.

I was given money by my family, which sounds pretty boring, but it meant I could treat myself to some cashmere joggers, a Chanel compact (to check my lipstick), a gorgeous dress from Oliver Bonas (in the sale!) and the perfect slouchy cardigan. In case you were wondering, no, I didn’t find any dungarees, but Thomas got some.

I also told Pete not to bother getting me a present; instead, we went to Hawksmoor for dinner (our first night out since Thomas!). I love Hawksmoor – and I’m not even that much of a fan of steak – but everything they do there is so spot-on, from the meat (obviously), to the atmosphere, the service and, most importantly, the cocktails.

In other news, I’ve made it to day 22 of my 30 Days of Yoga challenge and I think I’m getting a bit addicted. I’ll be honest: life (and two children) have conspired to make me skip two days so far, but otherwise, I genuinely look forward to getting onto my yoga mat and always feel brilliant afterwards.

I loved this hilarious article on how to be good with your friends’ kids when you don’t have any: ‘Understand you probably won’t get to finish a sentence. Understand that this will probably not be a time when you will be gossiping and drinking for three hours. There will be bodily fluids, bad smells and crying. And a kid might puke up a bit too.’ Although I must give a special mention to Rose, who seems to have a magical ability to chat to small people, and even persuaded George to eat egg yolk (a minor miracle) last time she visited. For more parenting LOLs: 15 hilarious parenting comics, every conversation between a parent and a child in four conversations and 25 words your child needs to know before school.

If you’ve reached your thirties and have a vague feeling that maybe you should be doing something different in your approach to skincare, then this article is for you. As for me, I’m not convinced anyone actually needs an eye cream; I just put my normal cream around my eyes.

What did you think of Nicky’s article on why she loves living in London? I’m from Manchester and I always thought I’d end up there, but I can’t imagine leaving for a few years. I love where we live – especially the fact that there are several great parks and the amazing restaurants of Brixton all within walking distance. Also, because we live in a sketchy area on the edge of a nice area, we even have a bit of room (if you’re feeling nosy, you can take a tour of my flat here).

Finally, this make-up tutorial made me really want a berry shade of lipstick – anyone have any recommendations?

How did you feel about turning 31, and how do you feel about wearing a berry shade this autumn?


P.S. How to wash your face properly, tips for nailing the casual look and why you should really buy a primer.

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