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SFTW: A great book for children

December 28, 2014

Something a little bit different for this week’s Something for the weekend as it has been Christmas and as such I have spent hardly any time marauding around the internet looking at stuff and a lot of time wrapping presents, drinking coffee with Bailey’s in and hanging out with my family. Instead this week it’s a book review of a lovely children’s book which provided some great laughter during this festive period…

This book, written by B.J. Novak is exactly what it sounds like  – a book without any pictures at all. I approached this with some caution when it came to reading it to my niece who is almost three because she loves sitting with me and looking at the words and pictures as I read aloud and turn the pages. Reading together is definitely one of my favourite things we do together and I was nervous she wouldn’t be able to enjoy this one without her own view on the book.

The premise, however, is that while there are no pictures, the person reading the book out loud has to say everything the book says, including ‘my best friend in the whole world is a hippo name boo boo butt’ and other phrases which it turns out are comedy gold to little ones.

There are lovely asides where the readers questions if they have to keep reading such a silly book and makes the child feel as though something a little bit naughty is happening. There’s so much room here for dramatic delivery (one of my favourite things about storytime is hamming it up to the max) and it really did make her giggle and shout.  The use of silly voices e.g. a ‘robot monkey’ was also much appreciated by her, being an already established fan of them.

The video above shows the author reading it aloud to a group of children and  I suggest you watch it for the wonderfulness alone  – the kids are seriously cracking up – even if you are not in the market for a children’s book.

Other favourites to read with my niece include How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, and Alfie Gets in First.

What were your favourite books as a child? What’s your favourite book to read with your children or children you know?

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